Chenopodium Pallidicuale

The cañihua (chenopodium pallidicuale) is a chenopodium specie similar in composition to quinoa. It is native to the Andes region of Peru in the highest areas.

Cañihua has a high protein content with an excellent amino acid balance. It also contains vitamin E and B complex. It contains exceptionally high levels of flavonoids / antioxidants, which can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and viruses as well as reducing the risk of certain inflammatory diseases.


Cañihua is characterized by being high in protein and fiber. It has antioxidant capacity thanks to its phenolic compounds. Due to its high protein content, it can contribute to preserving or increasing muscle mass.

Consuming this seed regulates cholesterol, triglycerides and fights anemia due to its high iron content. It also has a high content of high quality amino acids. In addition, it contains minerals such as calcium and iron, omega 3 fatty acids and a remarkable amount of B vitamins.


  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Prevents heart disease.
  • Enhances intestinal transit.
  • High nutritional value.

Suggested use

Cañihua grain is ideal for salads, puddings and risotto type recipes.

Cañihua powder can be mixed with baking flour for pancakes, muffins, breads and cookies.

Cañihua Puffs: can be added to breakfast cereals, oatmeal, yogurt or energy bars.